Thursday, July 10, 2014

the 4th.

yeah america! this year we spent the 4th with some friends watching a fireworks show in the town next door.

we walked around, ate homemade icecream (i had peach!), the boys chased lightning bugs, and we watched the show. isaac henry was a little confused and kept asking, "where are da fire TRUCKS??" the heart wants what it wants i suppose. he still enjoyed the fireworks. "they went boom boom like a drum." yep.

my guys..

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isaac henry and olyvia..

isn't she a doll?!

and ellis. such sweet buds..

isaac henry and ellis chasing/catching lightning bugs..

surprisingly isaac henry is really good at catching them!

we did sparklers too. it was actually july FIFTH, but america! so we just kept the good times rollin'..

and while i was busy snapping pics with my handy iphone because this is what i've become, my girl cayte was taking real pictures..

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

those blue eyes. don't you just die?!

and look at this stud..

most handsome boys. ever.

i like our country. i know it's not perfect but i'm glad we live here. and july 4 was a good day. fun, friends, beautiful weather, ice cream. what more can ya ask for?

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