Friday, July 18, 2014

isaac says.

me: "what do you want for lunch?"
isaac henry runs to refridgerator..

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"i'll just eat this cupumber."

anytime something spills, he falls down, etc. he says "no big problem." like a mixture of no big deal and no problem. it's my favorite.

after reading the Bible one night, "me want Jesus to come outta da Bible and give me kisses!"

during Bible time, we were reading the story of david and goliath. isaac henry interjects.. "me kill dat giant! like dis! *mimics buzz lightyear laser beam* pew pew!"

watching mary poppins. i am thrilled. we're about 15 minutes in. isaac offers this review.. "me no like this. me like lightning mcqueen." 

bag boy loads our groceries into the van and proceeds to walk away.
isaac yells, "thank you! you's a big helper guy!!!!"

i'm changing into my bathing suit.
isaac points: what's dat?
me: well.. my boobs.
isaac: noooo. dat's not boobs. dat's grant's milk. remember??

isaac breaks out into a riveting rendition of this little light of mine.
ih: let it shine. dat's ne's fave-it song!
me: yeah? what's your favorite song?
ih: orange song!
me: how's that go?
ih, singing: orange orange orange orange orange... 

isaac is "helping" me make a big batch of baby food.
ih: "what next momma? *grabs a peach.* this fuzzy apple??"

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  1. I don't even know your kid and I just love him! His sayings are so precious!


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