Thursday, July 31, 2014

grant at 9 months.

9 months old?! what in the world??

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this month grant:
  • is 18 lbs. 4 oz. wearing 9 month and some 12 month clothes. 
  • still toothless. and the doc looked at his gums at his checkup and said none of them are close to coming through, but the one that's the closest is his left front tooth on top! he's gonna look like a goofball! 
  • i think we've got a climber. he loves to climb over you if you're sitting on the ground. and he bee-lines for the stairs every time the gate is down!
  • he's still army crawling and he's pulling up to stand now. 
  • he's starting to lean toward table food, but it's difficult because he's toothless.. he seriously is soo annoyed by purees these days. it's only comical until he slaps the spoon outta your hand. 
  • napping twice a day (most days. sometimes he still needs a 3rd.) and still not sleeping through the night regularly. he just doesn't like the sleep and/or he misses his momma. little rascal.
  • he loves toy cars. he always flips them over and spins the wheels with his little pointer finger. so sweet. 
  • he's so ticklish! and he LOVES the stinky feet game. it cracks him up. 
  • also loves isaac henry, popsicles/ice cream, blowing raspberries, and taking a bath.  
  • he is a momma's boy. and i love it. 
he's our joy. i want about 14 more just like him.. except if they would sleep that'd be great.

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isaac henry at 9 months.

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