Tuesday, July 1, 2014

grant at 8 months.

cuh-razy! i can't even believe that 8 months have gone by. seriously, time is flying!

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at 8 months grant:
  • is still very passionate about purees. no chunks for this child. he does love him some puffs and graham crackers though. and he ate a goldfish once. also, he may never drink from anything but the boob so that's good. 
  • disposable dipes 4-eva. you can consider the towel thrown in.
  • teething? maybe? he's still toothless but this child is giving me a run for my money in the sleep department so i'm blaming teeth, because i always blame teeth.
  • scooting/army crawling everywhere! he'll get up on his knees and rock some. and he hasn't quite figured out how to get to a sitting position on his own but he wants to stand up soo bad. constantly trying to pull up from laying down. he's starting to get it. 
  • still waving. saying hi and momma. and we think he says ball. lots of new sounds this month! 
  • loves baths, doesn't love [or hate] the pool. so strange. 
  • loves balloons, isaac henry's toys, those drumsticks, playing peek a boo, faces/glasses/jewelry and being tickled.
  • doesn't love his face being wiped, chunky food, diaper changes, going to sleep on his own/sleeping in general. 
i don't feel like much changed this month except grant gets cuter by the second. he's awesome. we love him. and even if we didn't, we aren't sending him back at this point.

here's some more pictures of the cutest grant on the planet.. 
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

gah-lee, those toes. and look at this face..

get outta here.

bring it in, brah.

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