Wednesday, June 4, 2014

strawberry pickin'

y'all know we have a very modest strawberry patch in one of our raised beds. and this year, isaac henry has been so excited over them! he checks them everyday. and if any of the berries has green on it, he'll proclaim, "it's not ready just yet!" and likewise, he picks all the red ones and gobbles them up. so needless to say i wanted to take him to pick strawberries at a real patch, because he's pretty much a professional berry picker/master strawberry gardener.

so we met up with some friends at the strawberry patch down the road and went to town on that strawberry patch!

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this is isaac's buddy, john martin..

he is sooo good with isaac henry. he just plays with him and helps him and is so sweet with him. isaac henry adores him and i think john martin likes isaac henry pretty good too.

if ever you cannot find isaac henry at church, just look for john martin and isaac will be right on his tail. i love that they're buddies. when you ask isaac who his best friend is he'll almost always say, "jack and john martin." [jack is a year older than ih but they are in sunday school together.]

grant just hung with momma..

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sweet kiddos. i love 'em all!

we ended up picking around 5 lbs. of strawberries.. and isaac henry probably ate at least a lb. straight from the patch.. ha!

we ate a bunch for snacks/lunches/breakfast. i made some baby food that smelt so good i almost ate it myself. and i used some of them for my birthday cake.

fun times! 

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