Monday, June 23, 2014

let's chat.

our community had a community wide yard sale the other day. so we packed the hoodlums into the stroller and strolled around. and apparently community yard sale is code for 4 people set out their empty country crock tubs. we came home empty handed.

but then this weekend i more than made up for it. i went to this adoption fundraiser called swap to adopt. it was raising money for two families in our church that are adopting. it was a really cool idea. you bring your old stuff, pay $20, and take whatever you want. there was sooo much stuff. and good stuff too y'all. i got this melissa and doug chore chart, a booster chair, some puzzles, clothes for the boys, a cute canvas for the playroom.. and probably some more stuff but my mind is failing me. anyway, it was exciting.

are you responsible for dressing other humans? i always do this..

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unintentionally coordinate our outfits. it makes me laugh. apparently i was in a grey mood that day.

grant is crawling these days so there are toys that only get to be played with when he's sleeping. like crayons, bean box, etc. that's the rule anyway..

so the other day i was standing watch as isaac was pooping when i realized that grant was eating a crayon. so that's good. i went to retrieve the crayon from grant's mouth and had quite possibly the most terrifying convo ever..

me: keep on pooping! i'll be back.
isaac henry: nope, me just wiping myself!
me: no! i'll be back to help you! don't!
isaac henry: me done.

all i could imagine was pooped caked under fingernails. luckily we dodged that disgusting bullet.. but add that to my to do list: teach isaac henry to wipe himself.

and this just in, i bought an amber teething necklace for grant. 1. i think it's girly. 2. i think it's hokey. but i'll try anything the sop up the drool bucket that is grant man. it reminds me of those bracelets from my middle school days. you know the ones.. like love and peace and strength and junk like that. probably it's just plastic and somebody is out there laughing their head off and rolling around in $20 bills from susceptible desperate mommas.

just put a flower in my hair and call me a hippy dippy. i'm buying into the healing properties of amber for $19.99.

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