Monday, June 2, 2014

last week.

bryant has been on vacation this last week and went back to work today. i was expecting many a melt down, but so far there has only been slight whining. what can you expect when you've had daddy at your every beck and call?? i mean, i'd whine too if any one was listening. we miss daddy! booooohooooo.

we opted to stay-cation this year. seriously, we were one click away from booking a beach vay-cay, which is my jam. but then we were like, "is this really a good idea??? a 10 hour car trip with the hoodlums? for 4.5 measly days at the beach where we can't guarantee their sleep habits?" no. not worth it.

so we lazed around here. cleaned out the garage. i caught up on chores and bryant got some stuff done that he'd been meaning to do. we ate at restaurants and over-indulged in ice cream. we went to the pool.

it was good.

fro. yo. lindsey jo.

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we played outside because isaac henry would stay outside all the live-long day if you let him. here he is trying to corral a worm into a mini trashcan that the trash guy gave him.

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isaac henry seriously has the servant-est heart of all the 2 years olds. here he is shop-vac-ing the garage..

but seriously, this morning, grant was down for his nap numero 1 and i asked IH, "do you want to play or help momma with chores?" and he chose chores. which is totally weird, but i'll take it.

we even snuck away for a hot date to the cheesecake factory where we proceeded to eat all the food and drink all the drinks. good thing my sweet sweet uncle gifted me a giftcard for my birthday or i mighta fainted when the bill came.

we hopped over to the container store after we ate.. to look at containers. because we. are. that. exciting. so exciting that i can barely contain myself..


the boys can take baths together now and it is the sweetest thing in all of the land.. and water. because it's a bath, soo..

we even got tattoos to commemorate the awesome vacation..

then, get this, we actually left town for a day! we drove up to knoxville to meet baby callie.

y'all. she is so sweet and beautiful. i think i'm in love.

so is grant..

also grant is huge. i'm just over the moon happy for b.a. and jared. ps. beth ann naturally birthed that kiddo. which is either admirable or crazy. either way, can you say super woman?! i'll take all my births nice and medicated. thank you.

also also, that 3 hour trip TOTALLY validated the decision to not drive 10 hours. i won't go into detail here but, yeah. my children are angels. always loud and sometimes whiny angels.

vacation! whoo!

except now it's over and i have to change all the diapers and we need to go on a diet. so actually, boo. 

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