Tuesday, June 17, 2014

isaac says.

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"me make da duck pond."

we're outside as bryant is getting home from work and isaac henry spots the moon.
ih: da moon!! da moon's out! and da sun's out!!
bryant: yeah buddy. the sun and the moon are out at the same time. isn't that neat?
ih: it's cause they're best friends.

our flower bed is FULL of snails and isaac henry likes to bring them to me. always.
bringing me a snail.. ih: dere's no turtle in dere. sorry bout dat. cause it's a snail..

isaac is running through kohl's (like a heathen) and falls down.. "WIPE OFF!"

bryant is getting isaac henry out of the van to go into church.
ih: i like Jesus..
ih: ..and Spider-Man.

every morning when it's time to go down and have breakfast, isaac henry wants me to carry him and grant down together. i'm usually already holding grant so he says: "hold me both."

me: i'm gonna eat your feet!
ih: no momma! i use dem to walk!
me: well, i'm gonna eat your hands!
ih: no momma! i use dem.. to eat bacon!

me: what do you wanna be when you grow up?
ih: i'm gonna drive a car. NO! a truck.
me: oh yeah?
ih: and drink coffee.

playing the stinky feet game, we tell him his feet smell like a variety of things, cheese, pickles, dirty diapers, etc. he always says, "NO! they smell like flowers and watermelon!"  


  1. At least he's got his priorities in order. He uses his hands to eat bacon.

  2. i mean! what a sweet boy, he knows his mamma would prefer a turtle over a snail!


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