Monday, June 9, 2014

instagram-y gram.

man, summer is upon us and we're just having a good ole time. i feel like a big ole social butterfly. lunch dates and play dates are abounding.

last week we met meghan for lunch one day unexpectedly. so we unexpectedly played in the fountains. aka we had no trunks. or towel. so isaac looked like a thug because his shorts were so heavy they were saggin' and he was still sporting his vacation tats..

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#thuglife. he had a blast. so he looked a little redneck? eh.

then we had a playdate with some of our faves.. kari and tara.

i love those two together. they're a hoot.

i'm just full of great ideas. like, let's bake bread with a 2 year old. how messy can it be?

and while that picture makes me out to be a fun, care-free mom, it was immediately followed by impatience and unloving, harsh words. i know everyone has those days, but it's no excuse. so i apologized to isaac henry and of course, he was quick to forgive because that's what he does. "you cleaned up the mess momma? it'll be otay momma. wanna pway cars wif me?" yes baby, yes i do. i pray that God helps me to be a better momma. the only good in me comes from Him.

plus that kid is pretty cute with flour all over him and the bread was yummy. so i just need to take a big ole chill pill or 4.

speaking of yummy..

don't grow up grant!!

IH spent the night with ne and papa one night last week so grant and i snuck out to the grocery by ourselves. and grant sat in the buggy for the first time! he's such a man. holding down the fort in the produce aisle..

and then we had to go back to the grocery store because the meat i got turned bad within 24 hours. nope, that ain't gonna cut it. and i let isaac push his own buggy.

he loved it. and we got some flowers. but not those yellow ones. we put them back because we're indecisive.

saturday we went down to the cma festival to hear our friend dan's band, mamadear, play. they're really good and i think they're gonna make it.. so does rolling stone, evidently.

those are my girls. and i'm glad. bryant and andy were there too.

the boys fell asleep in the van on the way home from church sunday so it was only right to keep on driving to our favorite bbq joint..

we got our meals and ate them silently in the parking lot while the boys kept sleeping. it's just a family owned little restaurant and there is no better bbq anywhere. at least no better bbq that costs less than $2.80 a sandwich.

look at these bros..

gah-lee! those boys are cute!

i wish it was summer all the time. as isaac henry would say, "it's my fave-it!"


  1. Hehehe! That baking with a two year old pic, though. So great. xD

  2. I'm from Cross Plains and that IS the best BBQ ever!


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