Thursday, June 26, 2014

father's day..

was like a year ago. yet, here we are.

that friday before father's day, the boys and i had crafted a little card and a week before that i had taken the boys to old navy and let isaac henry pick out something for bry. i was really aiming to get bryant a "church-shirt" but every one i held up isaac would say, "me no like that!" until he happened upon a big rack of super hero tshirts. "DADDY NEEDS DESE SHIRTS!!!"

so i let isaac henry pick out one shirt for bryant. he chose "robot shirt" aka optimus prime.

and then bryant comes home from work with flowers and a balloon for the boys. because he's awesome like that.

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isaac henry was soo excited that he took bryant's hand and ran inside to give him his father's day present. it was so sweet. i mighta teared up a little.

isaac was so excited to give bryant his card. he was all, "that's you on dere! super daddy! and my hand and foot!" ha!

just precious.

on sunday, i brought grant down in a random outift, and bryant was like "is he not gonna wear the daddy shirt?!" so, grant wore the daddy shirt to church.

cracks me up every time. here's isaac henry wearing the "daddy shirt" way back when. 

my boys seriously have the best daddy ever. he really is so great with them. and he's pretty great with me too. sometimes i'm confused/amazed that i started "dating" him when i was 15! it's crazy that i got such an awesome man at such a young age! really crazy! and kinda scary.. ha!

and man-oh-man, is he hot or what?! i think i still have a crush on him. 

bry, thanks for being our super daddy. you rock, you're the best, etc. etc. i can't wait to have all the babies with you. it's gonna be fun.

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