Thursday, May 8, 2014

instagrams of old.

ya know, i say i'm gonna get better at blogging but i'm a dirty rotten liar, so there's that. these instas are from before easter. seriously i've insta-ed 26 photos since these. TWENTY SIX.

but ya know, daniel tiger is baby sitting isaac and grant is nappppping so let's relish in the past..

ella girl was here like a month ago. she was hollerin' and isaac was smoochin'/staring at her. i like to think this is their future.

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snuggly days and comfort nursing for the porkchop. no pictures of that, because i'm not a weirdo, ya weirdo.

an unexpected visit with aunt rachey.. love her to pieces.

an expected visit with aunt em. she's apparently a hipster now. i like her. i love her. i want some more of her.

also, i'm not pregnant but that angle does me no favors..

we had a yard sale. isaac henry was the ultimate salesman. he drew in the crowds with his fluttery social butterfly tactics.

sunday afternoons call for ice cream on the patio.

ih is getting really good at coloring. his favorite color is "ernge". we go through many orange crayons.

oh look, a craft from EASTER. good grief. it's still the cutest little craft of all time, so i don't feel bad posting it..

ordered some white pants online..

shopping online is so convenient.. except, no.

grant sitting up like a man. and isaac henry refusing to smile until i said something along the lines of "toot! boogers!" awesome.

lay off me, i'm starvin'.

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we threw my dad a surprise birthday party because he's the big 5-0. and i contributed this fun chalkboard. my love for chalkboards lives on, forever. i hope there are chalkboards in heaven. there probably are because, obviously..

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i may talk about his party more but let's not give me too much credit. you know how i am. it was fun. he was surprised (or so he says.) and can you even believe that the average annual salary was $6,000?! so crazy.

alright, let's meet back here in a month for more outdated instagrams! holla homies. 

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