Thursday, May 29, 2014

hey! i'm 25!

my birthday was last friday and it was just the best kind of day. bryant asked what i wanted and what i really wanted was just a day with my fam. it was perfect. i got all kinds of fun mail and sweet gifts from my besties. and shopping money from the parentals. and phone calls and texts and etcetera etcetera. don't you just love birthdays?!

we got a zoo membership this year, which is awesome! it's sooo nice to be able to go and not feel like you have to see everything. when the kiddos [or momma] start getting tired, you can just leave and see whatever you missed next time. we've just been twice this year and our membership has been paid for, so it's totally worth it!

so needless to say, we headed to the zoo for family fun day. they have a new dinosaur exhibit right now so we had to check that out.

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they put a t-rex stamp on our hands and isaac henry wanted to stop and "show" every dinosaur his stamp. it was adorable.

he's just a regular safari-er, checking out the elephants with his binoculars..

grant was just enjoying the stroll.

after the zoo we hit up firehouse. because y'all know i'm never gonna turn down a free birthday sub.

we've been getting the brisket. and i know you're thinking, how good can a sub be? but y'all. the brisket. it tastes like something you shouldn't be able to get at a sub shop. delish.

we came home, played outside, made a strawberry birthday cake..

and finished the night with a pizza picnic while watching winnie the pooh.

it was a good day. and i think 25 is gonna be a good year.

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