Tuesday, May 27, 2014

grant at 7 months.

yikes. grant man is 7 months old! time flies when you aren't sleeping..

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at 7 months:
  • is that a disposable dipe you spy peeking out of his onesie?? why yes, yes it is. because this child is the rashiest human in the county. i may have sent a text to a fellow cloth diapering momma the other day that said BURN THE CLOTH. i consider myself a vet. and i'm about to throw in the towel over here. on a positive note, it's just a heat rash. i think we finally conquered the yeast. 
  • grant is eating lots of new stuff. he will eat anything. but he doesn't enjoy peas or carrots. LOVES yogurt. he's also getting really good at feeding himself puffs and yogurt melts. also, i let him have the tiniest taste of icecream.. eek. he was a fan. duh.
  • is gettin' around! he's not up on his knees but that doesn't stop him. he scoots everywhere! i seriously look away for one millisecond and he's across the room, behind the chair, chewing on a chord. or a matchbox car. 
  • speaking of matchbox cars, grant is kinda annoying isaac lately. it's kinda entertaining. but grant LOVES isaac so much. and isaac loves him too, he just doesn't love the slobber.
  • i swear y'all. grant can wave. is this early? is he a prodigy? i don't remember.. but he WAVES. and squeals, "HHHIIIII!!!!!" which i'm counting as "hi." because i'm the mom and i can. but when he waves he bends his fingers towards himself and it's the cutest. 
  • still napping three times a day [short naps] and almost always sleeping through the night.. almost. 
  • really digging the toys this month. his faves are the drumsticks from isaac's toy drum, jump-a-roo, those crunchy cloth toys, sophie the giraffe, cars, balls.
  • he isn't being swaddled anymore, but he likes to sleep with a blanket.
  • there was a week this month that i would have sworn he was cutting a tooth.. but he didn't. so that's a really uneventful update..
grant is the best. cute, sweet, easy breezy. couldn't ask for more. bryant also reminded me today.. "three words: grant's baby book?" uhhh.. yeah. second child. sorry dude. but do you think he'll really care about those stats? i don't think so. maybe?

ps. i know there is just one picture this month. but the kid just kept crawling away. and you think, "i'm an adult. i'm pretty strong." but no. trying to keep a baby on their back that doesn't want to be there is like wrestling an alligator with the strength of a thousand men. one's better than none, i always say. or at least i said it that once..

isaac henry at 7 months.

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  1. I swear my five month old baby girl has the arm and leg strength of an adult male football player. Trying to change her diaper is like a sport in this house


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