Friday, May 9, 2014

a general life update.

i feel like i need to tell you what's been going on. the important stuff, like how i've been on a big bagel kick lately.

well, we planted our garden for one. it's thriving so far. y'all know how amazed i am every year that there's stuff growing in my backyard. isaac henry is super excited over the strawberries. he keeps telling me, "when dose strawberries are growed, imma eat 'em all!"

it's been so beautiful outside and i can't do anything except sit out in the sun. can't. do .it. so chores have been getting done at a rate of bare minimum and the running dinner theme has been simple.

last weekend we drove down to birmingham to meet eric. it was good to hug the neck of the kid we've been praying for for so long. he's just a typical teenage boy and i think i like him. you can follow the morgan's crazy adoption journey and life over at their blog.

also a woman asked when my baby was due. ummmm, 6 months ago. and she actually PATTED MY STOMACH. so that's really encouraging. and i really liked that shirt!

with that being said, i have been losing weight lately, even though it doesn't show? whatev.

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we've been potty training. hard core, ya'll. and i know it's risky to say, but.. ISAAC HENRY IS POTTY TRAINED. cue choir of angels. we used a mixture of going cold turkey into unders, gummy worms, sticker chart with a promised toy upon completion, and good ole fashioned spankings for pooping the pants. it worked like a charm and we're going on 2 weeks of no accidents! including the trip to b'ham!

we've also been sleep training which as you can imagine is just like a vacation.. or torture.

also, isaac henry fell off the exam table at their checkup last week. on his head. it was quite traumatic and he looks like he's been in a bar fight. some guys at church taught him to say "you should see the other guy." hilar. but seriously, HUGE hematoma on his forehead and two black eyes. this kid. he has no sense of caution.

that picture does not do the injury justice.

other than that, we're eating popsicles, playing in the sprinkler, hanging with our friends and welcoming summer with wide open arms. come to momma!

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  1. way to go on the potty training! and i totally feel you on the sleep training. and the being mistaken for pregnant thing. ouch.

    i wish it was warm enough here for popsicles!

  2. I love your boys! And you have been looking so good! You shoulda punched that woman, and make her match Isaac!

  3. I can't imagine being that confident about someone possibly being pregnant!!?? Yuck, how awful!! I love that shirt! And for the record you look amazing..psh..pregnant..was that lady blind?! Ahhhh

  4. Whyyyyy are you soooo funnyyyyyy?!! I love love looooove your writing style and the way you let everything roll right off ya. WOWSERS! Makin my day as usual....


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