Wednesday, April 23, 2014

isaac says.

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i walk around the corner of the house to find isaac henry on the front porch with a handful of flowers: "dees were jus dead, momma." well, now they are.

getting dressed for the day, i ask isaac what shirt he wants to wear.
ih: me wear monster truck shirt!
me: oh buddy, you wore that yesterday. it's dirty.
ih: monster truck shirt!
me: sorry bud. it's dirty.
ih: [in a very understanding voice] oooohhhhhhh, is dere poop on it?

in nursery at church..
teacher: [just finished talking about jonah] isaac henry, have you ever seen a big fish?
ih: [very matter of fact-ly] no. but i seed a dog.

me: isaac henry, what do you wanna be when you grow up?
without hesitation, ih: robot. NO! BIG robot.

bryant: what did you learn about in sunday school?
isaac henry: Jesus.
bryant: what about Jesus?
isaac henry: him died on da cross...
[points to nearby toy crab laying on the ground upside down]...
crab died too.

we're outside looking at the strawberry plants and their blooms.
i point out a bloom to isaac henry..
me: don't pick this flower. it's going to turn into a strawberry.
isaac henry points to another bloom: dis one turn into a apple!

ih: momma do it.. [attempts to hand me a crayon.]
me: no buddy. you're doing good. you keep coloring.
ih: momma! my hands are full!

walking through walmart, i yawn.
me: whoo! momma's got a case of the yawns!
ih: me got a case of da burps.
me: the burps?
ih: uh huh, and da bless yous.

i'm trying on my easter dress and isaac henry is commentating:
ooooohhhh!!! momma's a pwincess!! momma is pwincess anna!!! spin awound momma!! you's a pwincess!!!

we're outside playing in the front yard. our teenage neighbor is fixing to go for a run. he's stretching, not wearing a shirt.
isaac henry YELLING: hey! you goin' to da pool?!
isaac henry: you goin' to da pool?!?!?!
isaac henry: momma, is him goin' to da pool????
...neighbor runs away.


  1. Book me for some pool days this summer! Your neighbor doesn't know what he's missing!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I've been reading your blog for at least 2 years now, not even sure how I got started or how I got here. I feel like a creep saying this, but I feel like we could be best friends in real life. Your posts are hysterical and I'm sure I creep/ people out when I laugh out loud in public while reading. Also, the things IH says are my favorite posts!

  4. Bahahha. Just read this to the fam. I'm glad we're besties... you are da bomb


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