Friday, April 4, 2014


i hope y'all are right with the lord. because i've blogged three times this week and i feel like that might be a sign of the end of the world.

part of the can't blog, won't blog problem is the instagram, which is like my own personal mini-blog. i like to refer to it as the gram. anyhow, if you're over there following me you've seen this business, but i want to get back to documenting it here too. double documentation. why post pictures one place when you can post them 4 places?! welcome to the times of social media my friends. and what better way to get back in the groove than to relive an entire month of the gram together??

this dreamy kid.. he's a momma's boy, just how i like 'em.

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broke my favorite mug. that'll tick ya off. i have yet to replace it because going into world market with handsy isaac henry may result in more broken mugs, but just a reminder.. my birthday's in may.

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this was our green for st. patty's day and the extent of our festivity..

going through the boys' clothes, organizing/purging/switching sizes out.. it's gotta get worse before it can get better..

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we met papa and ne for breakfast and a dollar tree date. they're fun.

my brother was killed 4 years now. he was the first baby boy i loved and i sure do wish he was around to love on my baby boys. he was one of the good ones. i miss him.

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also, i was [still am :)] adorable.

grant the smiley..

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i was with isaac henry's class in nursery at church the other day. they are all boys and one girl. and that particular sunday the girl wasn't there. so. many. boys. so much fun!

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we had spring break VBS last week and i had first graders with my girl kali. she's one of our awesome teenagers. don't mind us, we're just over here being secret agents, discovering Jesus.

isaac found a marker. bryant asked him what color his hand was. he said, "dreen. me da hulk."

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colors aren't our strong suit.

had a lunch date last week with one of my besties tara and her daughter kari. ih and kari are so sweet together. love them.

i usually don't buy the premade dough. go homemade or go home. but it's lightning mcqueen y'all. and cookies and lightning mcqueen are isaac henry's favorite things. so i had to..

"chacha teen tookties" I LOVE TWO YEAR OLD TALK.

flannel and overalls..

went to dunkin for a free iced coffee monday. ih wanted "chock-it ice peem". he settled for some "rolls".. a boy after his momma's own heart, or maybe her sweet tooth.

these lips were made for smoochin'..

some bubble gun action. good for minutes of entertainment!

did you make it through all that?? you're a true fan. i'll give ya my autograph next time.

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