Wednesday, April 9, 2014

death sucks.

well, good morning to you too lindsey jo.

you know me, not one to mince words. and that's what's been on my mind lately.. death. just. sucks. so there's some fun stuff that i want to write about here soon, but i've gotta get this junk out on virtual paper first.

last friday my friend jaimie unexpectedly went home to be with Jesus. she was sick for a few days and then her body just failed her. the funny thing is, i never met her. we had tons of connections, our lives were weaved together. her brother is our friend and our friend became her sister in law. we were kindred spirits, we were walking the same stage of life, and we connected over the internet. isn't technology cool like that? sometimes it's a burden. but sometimes, it's just really cool.

sunday we went to her visitation. and i just don't get it. maybe i'm not supposed to. and y'all, i know. i know God is good. i trust Him. but i do not understand His ways. my heart is heavy for jaimie's family and other families around me that have the people they love most just ripped out of their life. this sucks. it just does.

jaimie was a beautiful young momma of two babies, loving the Lord and her family. she was so talented and crafty. and so sweet. just my kind of girl. 

 elisha was a very much so wanted and loved little boy. the caboose to a sweet family in our church.

my noah was the funnest. he was a friend to everybody. Jesus-loving, handsome, full of potential.

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i cringe when my mind whispers "that's not fair." because i know what's not fair. Jesus taking the punishment for my sin is not fair. i do not want fair.

i cling to the hope that is Jesus Christ. because y'all, death sucks. but Jesus has defeated death.


  1. Sigh. It breaks my heart, you know that. Especially thinking about two babies who won't know their momma. I can't imagine losing a child, either. And, darn it, those curls from a sweet boy who lit up a room and made your belly hurt from laughing. I don't understand it, I won't understand it, and I guess we weren't meant to understand it. We have to trust, which sounds so much more easier than it is. We have to believe that the faith we have provides us with a peace. I guess peace can help with the understanding. Even still, we miss them. Good news? One day, we're going to do the equivalent of Black Friday shopping in Heaven with Noah. We're going to sit on a futon and laugh... in Heaven. We're going to watch him do cool tricks while angels laugh at us, or something. And then, in that moment, we won't have to worry about understanding. Or dying. Until then, we have to who we still have. XOXO.

  2. I'm glad Jesus defeated death. I'm glad you know that Jo. I'm glad that Noah did too. I'm heart broken for these family circle that will be broken for a season here...we know it hurts. Those that mourn are like the walking wounded. It hurts that these two little ones likely will not remember Momma. But there is coming a day...and what a day!


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