Thursday, April 10, 2014

a quilt for callie.

y'all know our friends beth ann and jared. well, they are gonna be parents NEXT MONTH. crazy! i cannot wait to meet little callie. she's gonna be sweet, i just know it. and i hope and pray she looks like beth-ann. let's just say jared would not make a pretty lady and keep it at that.

so 2 weeks ago (is that right? i don't know.) was beth ann's shower and of course i was there with bells on, or hoodlums in tow, whichever picture you'd like to paint of my life in your head. i'll give you a hint, it was the latter. and isaac henry took that opportunity to poop TWICE, because he always picks the best, most convenient times to poop his pants. enough about that..

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beth looks great. she's definitely all belly and i rubbed her real good. I LOVE PREGNANT BELLIES. GIVE ME ALL THE BELLIES. i'm putting that picture away for potential wedding slide show material since it's technically grant and callie's first picture together. love at first.. proximity?

and i made her a quilt. cause y'all know me. i just gotta do the baby quilt thing. it's my fave. it's pretty much just like norah's quilt. because again, it's my fave.

but then.. drum roll.. that dark purple fabric that looks black in the picture but is really dark purple.. it's my bridesmaid dress from their wedding. that's right folks. i chopped that sucker up. and put it in a quilt. it was really my friend kelly's idea. she's brilliant like that.

how romantic right?

and i stuck a wipes case in there too. because personalized wipes cases are my jam and my girl meghan is a pro at making them.

soooo.. callie can come on out now. because she has a wipes case and a quilt and that's pretty much all she needs. but seriously, come out here so i can smooch ya. also, i promise to be a good mother in law. and dear jared, grant has the best intentions. love, lindsey jo.

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