Thursday, March 13, 2014

hello again. stuff isaac henry says, part 4?

well it's been about a year since i blogged last so i figure it's high time for another round of stuff isaac henry says. because this is my life.

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isaac randomly licks my arm.
me: did you just lick me?! don't lick me!
isaac: but! momma's duh-ih-shush!

i had given isaac a pep talk about being a good big brother and cheering up grant after he got shots at his 4 month check up. and he was super encouraging while we were in the doctor. the van leaving the doctor..
grant: whining.
isaac henry is his most annoyed voice: cheer up baby dent. we no at da doctor no more!

isaac henry is trying to retrieve his milk cup, i step in to help.
before handing him the cup, me: can you say the magic words?

after a bout of constipation, i was fixing to give ih a laxative..
me: here buddy, hopefully this will give your belly some relief.
isaac henry: no momma! no leafs in my belly! just food in my belly! 

isaac looking out our front window.
in his most depressed voice ever.. isaac: me miss jim.
jim is our neighbor that isaac has very little contact with.

bryant and i are having a conversation at dinner about going on vacation this year..
bryant [directed at me]: where would you wanna go?
isaac henry [excitement increasing with every word..]: walmart? car wash?? CHURCH???

i made a funfetti cake this week just because and somehow isaac became convinced that "momma made a take fo' daddy!!!" while we were eating it, after seemingly every bite isaac henry would look at bryant and in a sing-songy voice say "happy birthday to you!"

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