Thursday, February 6, 2014

you can call me chatty patty.

you know when the best time to do chores is? tomorrow. which is coincidentally the best time to lose weight too.

there's no need in saying it cause unless you're a robot, you know how it is. life is happening all around us. and there's not much to show for it except for the basics. i've got a big weekend ahead and since i'm doing chores tomorrow, i figured we could chat for a mo... ment.

look at this picture of my boys. they're huge and adult like and i don't like it one bit. but i suspect that they'll keep on growing up since we have a tendency to feed them regularly.
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laura snapped that during grant's 3 month photo shoot. which i will share. if i can ever get my act together.

have you read the divergent series? i'm currently in the middle of the last one. and it's good stuff. if you liked the hunger games you'll like this. and hey, if you didn't like the hunger games, you may still like this. why not give it a go? it's all utopian-y and there's still violence but not teenagers all out fighting to the death. so if you like teenagers fighting to the death, you may wanna just reread the hunger games..

i'd be kinda embarrassed if you knew how often we had eaten brinner since grant was born. it's just an easy one. and we like the breakfast food in these parts. what i'm trying to say is that i made homemade bisquick this week. are you even allowed to call it bisquick if it's homemade? anyhow, it's good. and cheap!! and 4 ingredients opposed to 4,000 which is how many are in bisquick.. i counted. just plug a little search-a-roo in the ole pinterest and you'll find a million "recipes" for it.

you know what else i like right now? big cups of coffee. mexican food. downton abbey. nashville [the show, not the city, but also the city.] napping babies. and handsome husbands, mine in particular.

also, i cut my hair short again. i'd post a picture but i'm too lazy. but now i'm sassy too so there's that.

and i'm proud to announce isaac henry has been snot free for a week.

oh, wait. we went to the library yesterday because we were FINALLY snot free and guess who woke up with a runny nose?! i've about had it with you winter. mosey on.

alright. let's meet back here in a few days. break!   

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  1. i want to see the rest of those pictures! and your new hair cut!


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