Tuesday, February 4, 2014

isaac says.

it's time for another round of isaac henry says the cutest stuff.

he's saying new words everyday and just growing up. he is seriously so funny and stinking cute. bryant was saying the other day how he wished he could just remember every single thing and then any time he wanted to remember something cute he could. i wish that too.

isaac was doing his shirt like this and saying, "me monster!"
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trying on some accessories..

he asked to send a "pit-cher" to daddy so i had my camera turned where you can see yourself and he saw the booboo on his head..

isaac henry: OH NO!! MOMMA! [while touching his booboo]
me: it's ok buddy. it's just a little booboo.
isaac henry: NO MOMMA!!
me: yeah... it's just a booboo. it's ok.
isaac henry: NO MOMMA! IT'S A SCRATCH!!!
me: laughter.
isaac henry: me fits it! [runs away]

isaac henry returns, "fitsin'" his SCRATCH!

"MOMMA! ooooo... me ghost!"

me: do you need to wipe your nose?
isaac henry immediately wipes his snotty nose on his sleeve.
me: isaac don't do that! who taught you that??
isaac henry: a kid at church!

me: oooh isaac, i'm gonna eat your cheeks!
isaac henry: NO MOMMA! food in kitchen!

me: [holding his foot] these are my toes.
isaac henry: no momma!
me: these are my feet!
isaac henry: momma! share!

a vocab lesson in the midst of potty training..
isaac henry: my unnerwears is stuck in my butt!
me: that's called a wedgie.
isaac henry: my unnerwears is wedgie!


  1. LOVED the food in kitchen one!

    Now I'm dying to know - how's the ole' potty training going so far?!


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