Saturday, February 22, 2014

grant's 3 month photo sesh.

i guess i should probably share these since he's 4 months old next week. i'm just procrastinating [and not blogging] like it's my job.

and time just keeps slippin' slippin'.. into the future..

as always, the talented laura purtee is doing grant's first year. check her out on the FB.

these are just a few of muh faves.

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thinking back that probably wasn't the best hairstyle choice for me cause it shows off my balding real good. eh, 'tis the reality of the ever changing hormones. also, widely known fact: grant gets cuter every second. so cute in fact, that you prob didn't even notice my balding. go ahead, scroll back up and take a gander. you know you wanna.


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