Monday, January 20, 2014

monday monday.

well, that week and a half went by real quick. i guess that happens when you're busy raising them babies.

i just got back from the grocery and i just feel like chatting. so let's just talk about a whole mish-mash of things i wanna talk about, ok? 

my day in the life blog got some interesting feedback. a few things about that.. that specific day was a really good day! i didn't mean for it to come across complain-y, at all! i just wanted to document what our days typically look like in this stage of life. crazy, busy, wouldn't trade them for the world days! but if you wanna continue to think i'm a impressive super mom, who am i to stop you??

ne brought isaac a doctor kit the other day..

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he absolutely loves it. we get fixed up all day long. it's really nice to have a doctor in the house. especially when said doctor has had a little bit of the winter crud. which leads me to my next point..

i long for summer. sunscreened babes. popsicles. cheap strawberries. bare feet. and NO MORE SNOT.

oh the snot. it will be the death of me.

we've been keeping ourselves busy in the house though. cleaning and organizing some and doing some projects.

i had just intended on letting him do valentine's stamps but he insisted, "momma! paint my feet!" the boy loves the arts, that's for sure.

friday night i went over to meghan's for craft night. i was all excited and then i pulled out of the driveway to head over there, and backed straight into a car. awesome. technically it was my fault. but i would argue that you shouldn't park your car in the road directly behind someone's driveway. luckily we have a friend that has done some work on cars and he was able to get the HUGE dent completely out of my bumper. all the evidence that remains is a few scratches in the paint. and at the end of the day i don't even care because it got mostly fixed for FREE. PTL. we really didn't wanna shell out the big bucks at a body shop.

and i still got to go hang out with my girlfriends and make this cutesy wreath..

 all's well that ends well.

and just for the sake of this post not being isaac-centric, here's some grant action.

tell me that child does not look like his mother.. i dare ya! i don't even care if you say he's bryant's twin. you are wrong-a-long-a-ding-dong. i mean, sometimes he looks like bryant, but i definitely see some lindsey jo too. right?? hello?? right??

ok, fine.

what are y'all up to today?


  1. I WANT SUMMER! Or at least warm weather. Spring should come right after Christmas, because who wants to endure three more months of blah?

    P.s. I'm excited for Winter Jam. Really excited. You and Bryant are totes awesome.

  2. Oh, and Isaac is officially considered one of the cutest kids in the world. And I can see Grant's (he's adorbs too) resemblance to you, but I still think he looks more like Bryant. ;P

  3. I see it! I totally see it!

    Oh, summer. Yes, yes, yes. In the past month we've just been going through a cycle of colds. Claire, then Maggie, then me, now Claire again. When will it end?!?


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