Monday, January 27, 2014

grant at 3 months.

and just like that, the fourth trimester is over.

i keep thinking we'll do such and such this month. we'll figure out a schedule this month. we'll start napping in the crib this month. and then i blink and the month's over. but we're figuring things out. it's really not a biggie. no one is suffering over grant napping in the swing, etc.

look at this chunk o' hunk..
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at 3 months grant:
  • nurses 7-8 times a day.
  • doesn't sleep through the night, but does a few good 5 hour stretches.
  • is huge. but seriously. i had to pull out 6 month clothes last week. and good news, his shrimpy big brother wore 6 month clothes in the summer. so we're kinda in a pickle, but we'll make do.
  • is really a good baby. he's so smiley and just sweet. sooo easy-going. i feel like he's a really likable guy.
  • has found his hands and likes to chew on them fingers.
  • is sweaty. this is one of his qualities that i don't love. he's just super warm natured. every night at his middle of the night feeding, he's just.. damp. it's kinda gross.
  • something else i don't love.. i'm afraid that he's a drooler.
  • has had a little cold lately. he and isaac henry keep passing it back and forth. it's downright pitiful.
  • this isn't a new thing, but i keep forgetting to mention it. he has a little birthmark! on the upper part of his left arm. like his bicep, except for he's straight flub so we'd be hardpressed to call it a bicep.
  • doesn't do tummy time. you stick him on his tummy and he just rolls out of it. he'll show you who's boss!
  • is grasping a few toys/rattles and swatting at or holding on to toys on his activity mat.
  • isn't looking so much like isaac henry. i mean, they still look like brothers, but not identical twins anymore. 
i like this boy. he's a fun one. and i can not believe it's been 3 whole months since he was born! 

also, in all seriousness, we have to transition to naps in the crib this month. mainly because he's so large that his swing is starting to not be able to swing. ha!

look at some more cuteness..

i just wanna chew on them thighs a little bit. so. schweet.

in case you were wondering about me at 3 months postpartum.. i'm 10 lbs. from prepregnancy weight, losing my hair, fairly rested and ready to have another baby.

here's links from days gone by and isaac henry at 3 months so you can compare the boys..

1 month. 2 months.
IH at 3 months.


  1. Claire and Maggie have been passing a cold back and forth all month long too! So sad. And so much snot...

  2. Dear Grant, I think you're really cute. Love, Clementine

    Dear Lindsey Jo, "Fairly rested"? "Ready to have another baby"? Are you sleeping?!? Sounds dreamy! (Unavoidable pun) Love, Melissa


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