Wednesday, December 11, 2013

we've been doing christmas-y stuff.

as much as i'd like to have a christmas activity all planned out for my boys every day..

ain't nobody got time fo' that.

we're already doing the jesse tree which is a devotion and ornament every day.

and isaac henry is 2. and grant barely exists. so i set the modest goal of two activities a week on top of jesse tree. because that feels like enough christmas magic to me.

maybe i'll add more stuff next year. or maybe not. being the momma has it's perks. for instance, i do what i want.

first up.. salt dough ornaments.

isaac henry painted 2 "tinktle stahs" which can be translated into twinkle stars.

also he painted his entire body. i'd say this activity was a homerun. and it required a bath.

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i made the boys' handprints into santa..

it's so stinking adorable i could puke.

next thing: wear christmas pjs (if your isaac henry), eat popcorn, and watch a charlie brown christmas.

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"isn't there anyone who knows what christmas is all about?!"

that movie is my fave and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite christmas traditions.

3rd activity: make sugar cookies.

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isaac henry kept pinching little pieces of the dough and eating them, then proclaiming, "mmm! my dough!"

he also got to pick which cutters he wanted to use. he went with the ever-so-festive dinosaurs..

then he kept sneaking their chocolate chip eyeballs off and saying, "momma. more eyeballs please."

he's cute.

i went with trees with sprinkles. they are always my fave. i think they're pretty.

and bears. a momma, a daddy, and 2 babies.

this weekend we're gonna decorate gingerbread houses. aka, isaac henry is gonna overdose on m&ms. or at least that's my prediction.

and then i need to come up with some more activities! ha! see why it's a good thing i didn't have to plan 25 of these suckers?? suggestions?


  1. Love the cookies and Santa ornaments. Could you post your recipe for the salt dough ornaments and your cookie icing?

  2. I LOVE your cookies! I think the dinosaurs are especially festive ;)
    I'd love to know your cookie icing recipe, looks perfect!

  3. salt dough: 1 c flour, 1 c salt, 1/2 c water. knead until dough forms. bake ornaments at 200 for 3 hours.

    icing: whisk 1 cup powdered sugar, 2 tsp light corn syrup, 2 tsp milk, desired food coloring. you may have to play with the milk/sugar a little to get the right consistency.

    have fun! merry christmas!

  4. Fun stuff! We're going to try a gingerbread house too..It's sitting there ready to go - Should be interesting ;)


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