Monday, December 16, 2013


yesterday marked the day that a couple of children got hitched six years ago..
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6 years. 2 apartments. 2 summers living with momma and daddy. 3 graduations. losing 4 people we love. 1 mortgage. 2 baby boys. 1 minivan. 1 goatee. at least 50 lbs. 4 jobs for bryant.. or 5? a few jobs for me. 10 vacations? countless tears. countless laughs. and a million smooches or more.

we've made lots of decisions. we've had lots of conversations. we've had lots of fun. we've grown up together. it has been a crazy, full 6 years. lots of good days. and a few really hard and crappy days. i couldn't ask for a better guy to do my days with. i'm so so glad bryant is the one.

here's to 100 more years! except we'll probably be dead, so like 60.

love you brybear. a lot.

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