Tuesday, December 31, 2013

isaac says cute stuff round two.

on this particular day, i wanted the boys to match because matching siblings are my jam.

isaac was devastated because he wanted to wear his tractor shirt. i told him if he'd smile for a picture then he could change into his tractor shirt. this is his best effort..

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me: love you isaac!
isaac: love you too much!

reading a book.. the character has a backpack on..
isaac henry exclaims: my backpack ROAR!!!
..this is his backpack. so yes, it does ROAR.

me: do you have any friends? 
isaac henry: uh huh.
me: who are they?
isaac henry: papa! jack!

bryant: you're my buddy isaac.
ih: momma?
bryant: yeah, momma's my buddy too.
me: who's your buddies?
ih: God! baby grant!

bryant and i are having a conversation.
bryant: ..it just makes me kinda sad.
isaac henry [interrupting and frantically patting bryant on the shoulder]: no, no, no daddy! daddy happy! daddy happy!

me: are you a baby or are you a big boy?
isaac henry: me hee-haw [his word for donkey.]
me: you're a donkey?
ih: uh huh. daddy moooo [his word for.. cow.]
me: daddy's a cow? what's momma?
ih: momma *horse noise.
me: momma's a horse?
ih: uh huh. baby grant, pig!
..yes, baby grant is a pig..  

and my favorite thing he's been saying lately..

ih: baby grant, happy?
me: yeah, baby grant's happy. are you happy?
ih: NO! me isaac!


  1. how sweet is he being worried about Bryant! those boys of yours are good for the soul!

  2. okay, that picture is hilarious! claire has just started talking more these past couple weeks and i'm so excited. mostly because now she will say please when she wants something instead of "ehh ehh ehh" but also for funny times ahead. hooray!


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