Monday, December 9, 2013

isaac henry funnies.

isaac henry is really cracking me up so much these days. he's talking more and he's just killing me with his silliness.

me: ooh, i see your belly. it's cute. where'd you get that belly?
ih: walmart.
me: oh really? what else did you get at walmart?
ih: nose. feet. cheez-its.

after building a fort..
me: what should we make the password be?
ih: fort.
... real secure.

after racing cars across the kitchen floor..
me: i won!
ih: i 2!

ih comes downstairs for breakfast and sees a pair of jeans bry had left on the chair. he covers his face with both hands, exclaims "daddy's pants!" and falls in the floor laughing. my theory is that he thought bry went to work with no pants on..

brings me the ipad box..
"momma. BIG phone!"

he's also been having fun with his nativity. for some reason, it cracks me up so much..  

mary and the wiseman cruisin'..

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the angel wearing woody's hat. isaac just kept saying "hat on. hat on. hat on."

i really like this kid.


  1. love em.... he is just the cutest. if you get tired of him, send him my way

  2. Mary would have been Way more comfortable in that truck than on a donkey!

  3. If Jesus were born today, you can bet Joseph would have been driving a pickup with a toolbox in the back.


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