Monday, December 2, 2013

gobble til you wobble. or is it wobble til you gobble?

like i said, we went to momma and daddy's for thanksgiving lunch. i brought mashed potatoes, homemade yeast rolls, pecan and pumpkin pie. momma and daddy made sweet potato casserole [my fave!!], cheesy potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, chicken and dressing and gravy. i feel like there was something else but i can't remember. we don't do a turkey cause it's just too much food for the 4 of us, but i'm sure as my boys grow into men we'll need 5 and a half turkeys so it'll even out one day.

grant was a turkey tail..

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i probably just coulda ate him for dessert cause he's as sweet as pie, for sure.

i broke out the head dress to represent my heritage..

isaac was not a fan. he just would look at me and say "no momma!" and as you can see he's trying to escape my photo op up there, but the little ham just can't resist smiling at the same time.. so funny.

grant zonked out at ne and papa's after his huge thanksgiving meal..

and as you can see i was really good about taking a family picture to commemorate thanksgiving 2013..

oh wait. no i wasn't.

after lunch and a quick visit to bryant's parents to say "hey! happy thanksgiving!" and then a stop back by momma and daddy's for a dinner of leftovers, bryant and i headed to the walmart.

because we are part of the problem. and $10 dump trucks, people.

i was kinda scared that someone was gonna punch me. but i just smiled and tried to remain calm.. as the police rushed in as i waited to check out. not once, but TWICE. CRAZY. but $10 dump trucks.

we hit up the target too for their ipad dealio. bryant has really been wanting one. so, merry christmas to him. after a quick 2 1/2 hours and watching finding nemo 3 times in the van with the boys while bryant waited in line, we left with ipad in hand. and i might have swung through the starbucks drive thru during that wait and y'all, caramel apple spice. it's like liquified apple pie. please sir, may i have some more?

also, i'm pretty sure someone saw my boob. i was nursing grant in the van. and i was parked way out so i wasn't using my cover and a man walked by and saw and then looked again and then he was so shocked [i guess??] that he dropped his cigarette. hahaha! he bent down and picked it up and then scampered off really fast. i'd be more concerned, but what are ya gonna do? the g-babe's gotta eat.

on the actual black friday, anna and her momma kay drove in and we spent the day with them and emily.    

we just hung around the house and played with the boys and i made anna look at my birthing pictures. and not just the ones i shared here. the graphic ones. and the picture of my placenta, which is just interesting. let's just say emily really covered her bases when it came to taking pictures. and ann loved seeing all that! or maybe not.

then we went out to dinner. anna told isaac he was her date, so all the way there he kept saying "anna. date. anna. date."

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my boys are spoiled by their aunties. i'm grateful for them. friends like these are the best kind. they're like family you got to pick. so awesome.

and that was thanksgiving weekend 2013. mark it down in the books as a good one!

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