Friday, December 27, 2013


twas the night before christmas.. eve.. and bryant suggested we open gifts with the boys christmas eve morn. it doesn't take much to convince me. we're both bad at holding presents. so we got it all set up.

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and we wrapped isaac's train table which absolutely cracked me up for some reason.

isaac henry came downstairs christmas eve morning..

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and rocked at the unwrapping!

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grant did some sitting. because being 2 months old on christmas is a snoozefest.

but being 2 YEARS old is super cute and fun.

i always give a new ornament in the stocking. as soon as isaac henry saw his he had to stop opening presents and hang it on the tree.

isaac henry trying to figure out how to tackle this big ole present..

grant doing some more sitting.. he's here for eye candy.

love at first sight!

then we opened grant's presents for him. he was so grateful. y'all wouldn't even believe grant's grateful heart..

the boys with their loot.. 

i like these guys..

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have you ever with the cuteness?!

christmas eve night we went to christmas eve service at church. as i swatted isaac henry's hand away from the communion bread i was super thankful we typically have extended session for our toddlers. thanks redeemer!

so then christmas day came..

and with it came papa and ne!

my dad always ALWAYS closes his eyes in pictures. it's just one of those things.

my mawmaw was in from illinois so she joined us for christmas. plus it was the first time for her to meet grant so that's special.

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i fixed a traditional christmas lunch and a cheesecake. we pigged out. twas delicious.

these two.. they showed up with totes full of gifts. TOTES FULL.

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they have a tendency to be awesome like that.

so after lunch we opened presents.

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so. many. toys.

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again with grant and his gratefulness..

we played with our new stuff..

and then when the boys took a nap we played dominoes and elephonky.

momma brought a big pot of chili for supper. and we just finished out the day enjoying each other.

so that was christmas.

and all aboard the honesty train..

i'm glad it's over. 

am i even allowed to say that?! well, i just did. i hopped on facebook christmas night and saw all kinds of folks saying how great their christmas was and how happy they were and i just didn't feel the same way. i mean, christmas was fine. my boys got more than enough. we had yummy food and still have a fridge full of leftovers. but i just couldn't help but feel this gross feeling of being kinda let down.

i feel like a huge loser admitting that. but it's true.

i think christmas just comes with sooo much pressure. and i always have these lofty goals. and i really really want to focus on Jesus. and i just feel like a huge failure. because even if you do some stuff, you could've always done more. or actually prepared your heart for the celebration of our Savior's birth. or bought better gifts. or made one more christmas craft with your boys. or this or that.

feelings of insufficiency. just dumb. can i blame it on hormones? or did i miss that boat?

either way, it's over. i took down the tree. christmas is finished. mommas everywhere can breath a sigh of relief. the extra pressure of christmas is off. now it's just back to the same ole pressure of everyday.

and i tell you what, i've got a hankerin' for january.


  1. Giiiirl - I feel ya on the hormones! But mine are making me cry on the inside taking the Christmas stuff down!!! Stupid hormones!

  2. I also felt kinda let down this year.. I really hate all of the pressure that Christmas brings, even when I promise myself that we're just going to keep it about Jesus this year, I get all sentimental & have to stress about giving the kids all the traditions that take up way. too. much. time! So.. we focused on Jesus here.. and Christmas cookies, Christmas ornaments & that dang Elf on the Shelf.. Jesus would have liked cookies right? I don't think he'd be close friends with that dumb elf though..! ;)

    Anyways.. your boys are adorable, as always! LOVE your tree.. it is stunning!


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