Friday, December 13, 2013

christmas decorations.

i didn't feel too inspired this year. but let's have a look-see anyway, why don't we?

the JOY pallet is new.

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i kinda love it. bryant kinda wants to know where we're gonna store that bad boy all year. i didn't really think that one through..

our tree is very similar to last year but i added some of our "fun" ornaments this year.

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displayed my awesome nativity as my mantle decor this year. mainly because i have no where else to put it..

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and look! grant has a stocking! it's like he's part of the family or something.

please ignore the fact that they are off centered. i din't want to move the 3 hooks that were already there. bryant and i agreed we could live with off centered stockings for a month. and maybe next year we'll add a fifth one to even it out.


i don't know.

isaac henry's nativity..

surprise! second tree in the kitchen!

that's where we are hanging all the jesse tree ornaments. ih is in charge of hanging them, which explains why they are all in the same general area.

little charlie brown christmas tree holding down his spot on top of the fridge..

my coolio sign i got from emily for christmas last year. and assorted christmas tidings scrawled on the chalk board..

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and that's about it. besides the mistletoe.

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cause, you know, smooches.


  1. I love all of your decorations, your stockings are my fav though, LOVE those!
    We also got the Fisher Price nativity for our almost 2 year old, she has replaced the angel with the donkey.. & sometimes even with Mary or Joseph.. definitely making the Christmas story quite interesting over here ;)

  2. *GASPS*

    Look who's started following your blog! Yup, I'm probably the most dedicated youth follower of all the youth group. You can thank me.

    LOVE YOU!!
    - em -

  3. Where do you get your pallets for your pallet art? I have this friend I need to make a present for because she is all in the spirit of giving and making me something and I'm thinking a lovely pallet art wall hanging.


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