Friday, November 8, 2013

snip snip.

we did something really sad. we gave isaac henry his first haircut.

it was getting a little out of control. and i mean, he's two now. so practically a man. and men get haircuts.

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look at this precious curl..

some folks lovingly referred to it as a rat tail, but i assure you, it was a precious curl. not a rat tail.

alas, the curl was getting so long and heavy that it wasn't really bouncing up and being cute anymore. plus the rest of his hair was getting kinda wild.

so we took him to this cute little [way overpriced] kids' salon so he could sit in this fun car..

good bye curl! you will be missed.. at least by me.

and the aftermath..

looking like a straight up kid. a curl-less kid. they gave him a sucker and a balloon. and really, isaac henry did pretty good. except for the part where he swatted at the hair dresser and shouted "no way!" over and over. 

and now i'll go cry and stare at the curl that is now residing in a little ziploc baggie. RIP curl. you had a good run.

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