Thursday, November 28, 2013

happy thanksgiving y'all!

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we're heading to momma's and daddy's for lunch today. with mashed potatoes, pie, and homemade rolls in tow. and i'm thankful this year.

thankful for a hardworking & silly husband that's the best daddy and makes me laugh all day long.

thankful for a rambunctious 2 year old that loves his momma. he's the sweetest silliest boy and his fun personality just draws people to him.

thankful for a healthy uneventful pregnancy that lead to a healthy cuddly carefree babe that i just can't get enough of. 

thankful for parents that love our boys, help clean our house, text us jokes, and pray for us on the daily.

thankful for friends that are like family. we have the best friends. they really are so awesome. 

thankful for salvation. for God's grace. for our church family and opportunities to serve.

thankful that i get to stay at home with my boys. that i get to wipe their butts and fix lunch and tell them about Jesus.

and so much more. we are just blessed beyond measure.

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