Monday, November 4, 2013

grant's birth story.

i love hearing and reading birth stories and i'm one of those crazies who likes every detail. give me the nitty-gritty! i'll try to be dainty, but this is birth. so there's bodily fluids and vaginas and stuff. it's kinda hard to get around that. with that forewarning, here's the story we've all been waiting for.. the arrival of grant wilson coker..

it was a blustery morning..

just kidding. it was sunday, october 27. i had been feeling the occasional contraction for days/weeks but i had come to the conclusion that probably i'd have to be induced like i was with isaac henry, so grant wasn't coming until november in my mind. i'd been to the doctor that friday and was 3 cm. dilated, but again, that means nothing unless you are in active labor so we press on. 

anyway, i wake up at 6:45 sunday morning and go pee. and there was some blood. no biggie. this is normal. i've heard of this bloody show thing although i didn't experience it with isaac. it could still be days. so i go lay back down and tell bryant what was going on. he was worried, but i assured him that it was normal and we didn't need to make any quick decisions.

i did not want to pay an ER bill for them to tell me i wasn't having a baby, come back tomorrow.

so we started getting ready for church at 7. that's also when i started having contractions. still, i wanted to go to church. because i didn't want to miss and everybody be like, "she's having the baby!" and me not have the baby. so we're getting ready and contractions are happening every 5 minutes, lasting about a minute a piece. i was managing the pain. and i was very persistant that i wanted to go to church.

mainly because i'm super holy. hahahaha.

i was also starting to believe that we might in fact have a baby so i was throwing some clothes in the washing machine and tidying up between contractions.

it was about 8:30 when i was having to lay down on the couch through the contractions and we were really needing to leave when bryant made the very logical decision that i couldn't go to church because "too bad we don't go to a lay down church."

bry still had to run to church to drop something off, and i told him that if i was still having contractions at 11, i'd call the doctor. sure enough, he got back home and i was still hurting. so we called the doctor. and he didn't answer. so we called the hospital, and they said, "yeah, you should probably come on in."

so my mom came over to watch isaac and we got to the hospital at 12:30.

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and see how cute i was! i was ready to go to church y'all.

so they get me in there, and i tell the nurse that i really don't wanna be sent home. and she tells me that i'm almost 7 cm. dilated. my doctor later told me that it was kinda hard to send someone home when they are 7 cm. dilated!

the nurse also said she felt a bulging waterbag. maybe? and they needed to get an ultrasound to make sure grant was still head down. he was, no worries. everyone was buzzing around like crazy because i had progressed so fast and they needed to get me admitted and my IV started so i could have an epidural. because i appreciate drugs in certain situations. and they were afraid that i was gonna have him naturally if we didn't watch it.

got my labor socks on!

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so we start texting people and telling them that they need to get on up there cause he was coming today.

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daddy finished his sermon up and relieved momma of isaac duty so she joined us.

and two of my besties emily and kayla got there.

that was my audience for the grand arrival: bryant, momma, emily, and kay. and obviously medical personnel. they are somewhat important.

so let's talk more about my waterbag. or is it grant's waterbag? either way, i was dilated to 9 and my water still hadn't ruptured. i was leaking, but not ruptured. so my doctor asked if he could break it and i obliged.

they had told me at my 30 week ultrasound that i had extra amniotic fluid so when my water broke, there would be a lot of it. and man, were they right!

the doc was all up in there and asked the nurse "are you sure it hasn't broken?" and about that time, 15 gallons of amniotic fluid rushed out of me.

so. much. water.

i still had a little bit before i was completely dilated and ready to push so my posse was making me laugh and every time i did, MORE water came out. it was a very soggy situation. i have no idea where all that water was hiding.

we'll revisit this topic in a sec. in the meantime i reached 10 and was feeling like i needed to push. there was soooo much pressure. i think i could feel more this time around. the nurses called the doc and they were getting everything set up. and i was pretty sure grant was gonna fall out. i told bryant, "he's coming out!!"

finally the doc got in there.

1 push: he's coming!
2 pushes: grant's head came out.

water situation: a huge tidal wave was hiding between his head and his shoulders and it shot out during a push. onto my doctor and nurse. and the wall. and my poor mother. in her hair and it was running down her back. good thing she loves me and her grand boys. because that's nasty. and hilarious.

3 pushes: and he's here! at 5:55 pm.

9 lb. 4 0z. 20 inches long. bright pink. dark hair. and looking just like isaac henry aka bryant.

he's just perfect. and i'd do that labor and delivery over 100 times. so easy, even though he is a huge man-child.

on monday they rushed around getting everything that needed to be done done so that we could go home monday night.

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we had a few visitors monday at the hospital, but we had one extra special visitor. big brother!

isaac seems to like grant pretty good. he wants to help cover him up or hand me wipes during diaper changes. isaac also acts like grant doesn't exist half the time, so there's that.

i just can't get over that fact that i have TWO beautiful healthy boys. TWO.

we are so so blessed.


  1. Ahhh! I loved reading this! What a beautiful birth story!

    PS- I'm still pregnant.

  2. Awww... this is just cool and sweet and presh and... well... you get the point... love it

  3. Omg your poor mom! Seriously that's great. Just great! Congratulations once more!


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