Tuesday, November 26, 2013

advent: preparing our hearts for christmas.

i know, it's not even thanksgiving. but we need to talk about this so you have time to prepare. consider this your PSA. also, believe me, you still have time!! don't make any excuses! i won't even tell if you end up starting a few days late.

i never did advent growing up. i think it's because i'm southern baptist/non-denom so it just wasn't really a thing. don't fear, my parents were totally early 90s super Christians so we didn't do santa either (santa = SATAN, anyone?). hahaha. but seriously. they've mellowed in their old age, ptl.

anyway, advent is something i didn't really hear much about until recently. and really, it's just a way to prepare your heart for Christmas. to really focus on the "reason for the season" if you will.

and i think it's a great way to really teach our kids what Christmas is about. JESUS. not presents or cookies or rudolph or whatev. not that i don't love all of those things, but the real focus should be Jesus. and i just love this opportunity to talk to my boys about the gospel. even though they're little, they hear more than you'd think! 

there are soooo many options for how to do advent. i recently participated in an ornament swap for a jesse tree advent. this is the book we're using.

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it's just a countdown devotional that shows how the old testament is really about Jesus. which i didn't know until college!! so it's even more important to me that my kiddos know that! and it leads to, you guessed it, Jesus's birth.

i'm really really excited about doing this with Isaac Henry. i put each ornament in a brown lunch sack and i'm gonna let him open them every night after we read the devotion together as a family. i know he's going to get a kick out of putting the ornament on the tree. and my prayer is that even at the measly age of 2, the Lord starts working in his heart through things like this.

so my point is, pick an advent. make it about Jesus. share the gospel with your family. focus on Christ this Christmas. you totally have time to throw something together. do a paper chain or something. it doesn't have to be fancy. just tell your kid, "the manger wasn't fancy" it'll be like an object lesson. if you make it about Jesus, there's no way this can be a bad thing. just do it!

and let me know your Christmas traditions. i'm curious. that's why my friends call me whiskers.


  1. I love this post! Love all of your cute swap ornaments too! My son is 6 now & I am putting together a Jesse Tree for our family this year too, better late than never! ;)
    I found that the Jesus Storybook Bible coincides with the Jesse Tree ornaments perfectly, if you're looking for a more child friendly book.. I think I'll need something other than our Scripture to keep our little guys attention after he hangs our ornament! :)

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  3. Lol my parents must have attended the same school of thought as yours. We didn't "do" Santa either. Only, my parents are still like that! Oy.


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