Monday, October 14, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 37.

38 weeks pregnant. 2 more weeks until the ole due date!

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symptoms: lots of charlie horses. lots of contractions, but nothing that's really a pattern or can be timed. still feeling really good overall. just big.

weight gain: i think i've kinda plateaued around 35 lbs. right now which is just fine with me. but then..

food: caramel apple milky ways. y'all. these are gonna get me in trouble.

other stuff: i'm really wondering how this delivery is gonna be. my pregnancies have been SO similar so i just wanna know if my labors/deliveries will be. i'd totally be up for that. my sweet church fam had a little shower for grant yesterday. i'll share more on that later. and pretty much we just had the busiest weekend ever. i'm really surprised grant decided to stay in there for all of it. bryant installed the car seat. and i deep cleaned the house so now i just have the upkeep to worry about. babies care that your baseboards are dusted and that behind the stove is swept, in case you didn't know.. i have a little organizing to do in grant's room [because of the aforementioned shower]. and that's about it.

we're just gonna take it easy over here and see if this babe is gonna make his appearance anytime soon. everyone [especially my mother. hi mom!] seems to think it will be sooner rather than later. i keep going back and forth. we shall see.

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