Tuesday, October 1, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 35.

yep. 36 weeks pregnant. so yesterday it was exactly a month from the ole due date. hooray for that!

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symptoms: big. ole. belly. and all the same stuff that we don't have to rehash. but, i have been breaking out again. which is such a 1st trimester thing to do. maybe grant is soaking in all the beauty he can right here in the last stretch.

weight gain: 35 lbs. or i don't know. i'm not one of those folks who keep a steady weight so i'd say 30-35 lbs. depending on how many cookies i've consumed that day. all i know is that i'm large.

food: nothing really.

sleeping: fitfully. and talking like a crazy person. i'm always anxious to see what conversation i've had with bryant in my sleep the night before..

other stuff: i've got to pee approximately every 10 minutes. and i seriously don't think this kid can stay in there for another month. he's just so BIG. i miscalculated and thought i was gonna go get checked this week, but it's actually next week. i'm thinking about doing some evening primrose or something once i hit 37 weeks to get this show on the road. except that kinda makes me nervous. so who knows.

i can't believe grant is gonna be here within a month! time flies.

and that about covers it for this week..

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  1. i am nervous about all that natural induction stuff too! i guess i'll wait until things get really desperate, ha!


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