Wednesday, October 2, 2013

pallet art to bring home babies.

what? pallet art brings home babies? well, it does when it's being sold as part of an adoption fundraiser.

our friends emmie and zane are in the process of bringing home baby from lesotho. and one of their many fundraisers is a handmade goods open house.

we are really working on being more generous, in every part of our life. but unfortunately we don't have the means to be writing checks left and right. wouldn't it be cool if we did?? maybe one day, but not in this stage of life, folks.

anyway, you know me and my love for the pallet art, so i whipped up a few for emmie to sell at her open house. they seriously cost me NOTHING to make. and it was a fun outlet to be able to create a bunch of stuff that i don't personally have room for. because there's nothing like having 10 pieces of pallet art hanging in your house..

so without further ado, this is what i went with..
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i kinda love them. especially the "it's a good day to have a good day" one. maybe i can find somewhere to hang that.. and i think the ampersand would be super cute over a master bedroom bed or pretty much anywhere. 

hooray for creating! hooray for pallet art! hooray for adoption! hooray for babies!

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