Tuesday, October 22, 2013

isaac henry's second birthday party.

let's talk birthday party. first of all, i didn't want to just skip it even though i'm jumbo pregnant this year. i love a good party. and you know, mom guilt. so we powered through and had a little celebration to celebrate our big ole two year old.

but because i was jumbo pregnant and could have possibly had a newborn, we kept it simple. which kind of just turned into ALL THE COLORS theme.

we invited family and close friends and some of isaac's little buddies from church.

for the invitation i picmonkey-ed a hat on ih and it cracks me up so much.. 

the decor consisted of balloons, chalkboard, and a few buntings made out of paint chips. thrifty and trendy, only the best for isaac henry. and i made him a 2 tshirt.

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i think he loved the decor and the shirt because the only number he knows is 2. hahaha. so he was really excited to tell everyone how old he was and point at all the 2s that were scattered about. and still if you ask him if he liked his party he'll yell, "2!"

a sign on the front door with the funny hat picture. mostly because it cracks me up and i wanted to put that picture on everything ever.. and i don't believe in knocking at people's houses. just come on in.

see the jumbo.. i mean, see this cute picture of my family..

isaac with his favorite people, ne and papa.

the party was at 10 am, so i did a little brunch theme on the food. simple and delicious.

sausage casserole mini muffins, froot loop treats, donuts/donut holes, fruit kabobs, and pigs in a blanket.

then there was the beverages..

i didn't do a cake since we had donuts and all the sprinkled donuts were stupid black and orange for halloween so i squished some colorful sprinkles onto a regular chocolate iced donut for isaac's "cake" and called it a day.

the kiddos all got a simple favor of rainbow chip cookies and crayons with a notepad..

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i kinda liked it. again with the ALL THE COLORS theme. and no, you can't simply call it rainbow cause that's too girly, and obviously isaac henry is a man. so i'll just continue to call it ALL THE COLORS.

here's some candids of the party goers..

i'm really proud of this picture.. all the babes, moderately happy, in one shot. it's kinda impressive.

for posterity's sake: roman, ellis, isaac henry, kari, mclaine, reese, eowyn, ella, norah.

isaac blew his candle out 3 times before we could sing to him, but eventually he waited..

and then he picked off a few sprinkles to hold him over while he opened presents..

don't worry, he wasn't deprived. i'm fairly certain he ate 15 donut holes that morning..

he was spoiled rotten in the gift department, as always.

he is a very enthusiastic receiver of gifts..



get down to business..

he has no idea, but he is one blessed little boy. i can't get over all the people that love our little family and it makes my heart wanna explode.

so that was his second birthday party. we ate, we talked and played, isaac had fun. children left hopped up on donut sugar. i'd call it a success!

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