Friday, October 18, 2013


my apologies if you've seen all this before. you know what you're getting yourself into. a little recap of the simple moments from days gone by in 3...2...1...

i live with the cookie monster.

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that and toddler feet.. right?!

please don't over analyze the next picture.. i've already been reprimanded for not following carseat rules. and i don't wanna hear it. because, really? when is it ever ok to make a momma feel like crap when you don't really have that sort of platform established with her? never. that's the answer, never.

just look at the cute babe in sunglasses after eating lunch with meghan. and say awwww. and then move on with your life. thanks in advance.

so you know i have a slight obsession with dolly parton so when isaac's monthly book comes i'm giddy because i like to imagine she sent it herself. and then we got this..

it's like she knows us. like, really knows us. i bet she's reading this right now. hey dolly!!!

never mind that the flip side of the book is big sister, little sister.. those are just details.

i got isaac henry's halloween costume. for $5. i die.

he was roaring, people. how stinking adorable?!

if you'd like to be added to the list of people we must trick or treat, you can contact his agent. also, i'm his agent.

looking for snails..

he has quite the collection. it goes nicely with his other collections. rocks, leaves, little balls off the tree. he's pretty much a naturalist.

sneak peek of the party [we'll talk more about that later]..

what a big adorable two year old!

also we gave him his kitchen. he loves it. he cooks me gourmet meals all the live long day.

at the farm, riding peddle tractors with daddy..

the other day i told him it was lunch time. so he brought in a lunch for pooh and set it all up next to him before he would sit to eat his own lunch. he was cheers-ing their strawberries and having a grand ole time. it was too much.

i got to use my new stationary to write out some thank you notes..

whoo hoo family of 4!!

last night was isaac henry's actual birthday and our friends meghan and andy brought over dinner and gigi's cupcakes..

can we just talk about how we have the best friends?! i mean, really?! they're the kind of friends you want forever. we're spoiled.

never leave us. we won't allow it.

but, seriously.

also, that's a lot of frosting. and he handled it like a man. because he practically is one. 2 is like college aged or something.

and that's a wrap!

have a good weekend y'all!

life rearranged

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