Thursday, October 17, 2013

happy birthday isaac henry!

oh isaac henry, how you went from a sweet little bean to a chubby baby to a full on boy in no time at all is a mystery to me.

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and being two is so funny. i look at you and i'm confused because you're so so big. but you're so so little. how is that even possible?

i love you so much kiddo. you have no idea. and really, i'm not sure i do either. i love that i get to spend all day every day with you. you crack me up all day long and i've loved having you as my sidekick for the last two years. i love love love your little personality. everyone does. you are funny and kind and outgoing and brave and ALL boy. and sometimes you just get on my nerves because you're so stubborn. but even then i love you more than all the stars.  

i always want you to know that you are wanted and so loved. daddy and i can't get enough of you. i know we mess up a lot. we've never done this before. thanks for letting us learn how to be parents on you.. not that you had a choice, but still.

and buddy, i pray so much that you love Jesus. as awesome as you are, you're nothing without Him. and i want you to know that. because i love you being my son, but i can't wait until you're my brother. 

these last two years have been my very favorite. i can't imagine life without you and i'm not even gonna try.

happy birthday to the boy who made me momma. you're a really really cool kid.

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  1. "because i love you being my son, but i can't wait until you're my brother." You made me cry...which is so stinkin' hard because you know I never, ever cry.


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