Wednesday, October 16, 2013

a baby shower for grant.

since both of our boys are october babies [or at least i'm holding out hope!], there isn't a whole lot we need for grant. we have had to purchase just a few things that we're still using with isaac henry. but for the most part we have what we need.

but when my sweet friend lindsey offered to throw a little celebration, i couldn't turn her down. don't get me wrong, i LOVE the new little outfits and toys that are just grant's and having a little stock of diapers and wipes is a HUGE help. but for me, knowing that these ladies love me and both of my boys was just as special.

honestly, i was just feeling a little sad that isaac henry had a billion showers and grant wasn't getting one. so i loved having friends pray over grant and our little family and just show me they love us. don't give me that.. who doesn't like being reminded that they're loved?! you know you do too.

enough about the mushiness.. the shower was really sweet.. it was after lunch on sunday so we had cake and fruit..
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adorable, right?!

and lindsey had strung up some boy stuff for decor. so cute.

all the ladies that were there..

i'm so blessed to be able to do life with these ladies. some of us have kids the same age, some of us have grown kids/teens, some of us don't have kids yet. it's a great mix and i just like it.

grant got a few adorable thanksgiving outfits. he's gonna be my little turkey tail, for sure.

the pregnant ladies..

just because you may be curious.. from left to right: baby miller, girl, 3rd baby. grant, boy, 2nd baby. baby goetsch, boy, 2nd baby. baby seufer, mystery gender, 2nd baby.

grant is obviously coming soon, like now-ish. and everybody else is coming at christmas. so exciting that grant will have all these little buddies at church!

something else i want to remember about the prayer time is the chaos that was happening around us. lindsey's daughter was crying in her room. at one point her son came in the room and said something about wanting to show her his pumpkin but daddy had said no. then my phone went off and of course my ring tone is "country girl shake it for me".. so much life. hilarious. i love it.

we're just blessed. and that's that. 

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