Wednesday, September 18, 2013

weekend update: church retreat and a visit with rachel.

isaac henry had an extended slumber party with ne and papa this weekend. he was spoiled rotten. as in, my mother spent the whole week coloring a 6 ft. long cardboard train for him to play in. also important to note, that train will be living at their house.

i'm so thankful for my parents. they are a huge help to us and we're just blessed that we can hand over our kid and enjoy some time together. while IH was having fun with ne and papa, bryant and i attended our church's annual fall retreat.

it's always so much fun and just refreshing. i love our church family so much and it's just nice to be able to spend time together.. worshiping, eating, laughing, getting in the word, baptizing folks. 

of course, bryant and i mc-ed the annual talent show. which is a hoot. bryant opened with his own rendition of this is how we do it. he's so gangster.

Chris and Laura Gauche, Bill Seaver

i wore my dolly tshirt to throw people off. bryant and i did a medley/duet as dolly and kenny rogers last year, so i was giving off the impression that we were gonna reinact that, but then BAM!

sandy and danny!

Chris and Laura Gauche, Bill Seaver

Chris and Laura Gauche, Bill Seaver

pretty much we're ridiculous and will do anything for a laugh. is that a good thing? i think so.

i like being married to bryant. i like that he gets on board with my silly antics. i like that he'll wear a wig for me. he really is the one that i want. ooh ooh ooh, honey.

also, his wig was actually a mullet. so that's hilarious.

Chris and Laura Gauche, Bill Seaver

enough of those pictures.. hopefully you aren't scarred for life.

it really was a good time. we came home saturday night and since momma and daddy still had isaac we went on a hot date. we stopped to eat at this restaurant in town, chef's market. it has all you can eat on the weekends. and y'all. we ate. so. much. i rolled myself into the van and groaned all the way home. it was yummy though!

sunday after church we headed to pick up isaac henry and then stopped by to see my bestie rachel and her husband jon, who were in town for a wedding.

i'm so thankful for her friendship. it's special to have a friend that has literally been your best friend forever. i like her. and i pray daily that jesus will move them to nashville. amen.

twas a busy weekend full of awesome-ness. i'll stop talking about the awesome-ness now, but if you need further proof, scroll back up. bryant has a mullet. need i say more? 

also, holler to my girl brandy for getting those pictures! 


  1. hilarious. pllllllease tell me there is a video of this year's routine.

    if not, i am coming on the church retreat next year just so i can document your shenanigans.

  2. y'all are hilarious! i love it. and i would love it even more if a video existed, ha!


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