Monday, September 9, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: weeks 31 & 32.

33 weeks pregnant y'all! that's crazy! it means that in just one month, a measly 4 weeks, grant will be "full term" and can come out! nuts, right?!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

symptoms: tired. achey. heartburn/reflux. nothing too bad. just the same ole pregnancy stuff. we had a really busy weekend this weekend and i was on my feet a lot. and let's just say that i was feeling really pregnant last night. my dogs were barkin'.

weight gain: roughly 30 lbs. last week i went to the doc and he said my weight had actually gone down. so that's good since i was creeping on up there. it must have been the two 1/2 gallons of ice cream we ate that week..

food/cravings: eggs/breakfast. coke. ice cream.

movement: i think grant is trying to escape through my abdomen. he's not had any luck yet, but he's a determined little rascal.

the belly situation: my belly button is naturally deep and so i'm not one of those that gets an outie with the pregnancy. i have a million stretch marks from isaac henry. and i don't get the linea nigra either. with that being said, let's talk belly. my belly button is getting flatter. i can see the end of it, it's super shallow. hairy belly is in full force. i think it's the testosterone pulsing through my veins growing this masculine babe. and as far as stretch marks go, i was curious to see if i would get any more. because, hello? where exactly would they fit when all of the major real estate is already occupied?? but i've noticed a few of my oldies are stretching a little more. like they were faded to pretty much white, but the ends are pinking right up. so that's good. grant can feel like he contributed to the masterpiece.

baby buys: i ordered a few more diapers. i don't think i'll regret it.

other stuff/pondering: everyone is still telling me how lucky i am to have good pregnancies and how amazed they are that i'm not griping. bryant told me the other day that he was glad i liked being pregnant cause he isn't sure he would. and i don't want to give off the impression that i'm never uncomfortable or that i don't wish i could paint my toe nails or that i'm not exhausted from carrying around an extra thirty lbs. on my body and a thirty lb. toddler all day. but really, all that is nothing.

i'm just continually amazed at how God is allowing me to play a part in his creation. He didn't have to make humans like this. we could have hatched or He could just say "poof!" and there's a human. but He gave us this cool opportunity to partner with Him in creation. i just don't want to take advantage of this. i don't want to complain about this awesome opportunity that not every woman gets. it's just too much of a blessing to let a little uncomfortableness trump it.     

* i know i'm blessed. my pregnancies have been awesome. if yours weren't, that sucks and i'm sorry. in those cases, i would've probably complained too. *

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