Tuesday, September 24, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 34.

well what do ya know? i'm 35 whole weeks pregnant.

and it's like i keep posting pregnancy blogs week after week. that's because it's like i keep being pregnant week after week.

and sometimes i even put on real pants. but not today folks..

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reindeer jams fo' life.

symptoms: again with the crotch pain. it's getting serious. i'm heartburning and breathing real heavy too. things are getting outta control. and still things are very much in control. pregnancy, motherhood, it's all so complex.

weight... for it: still holding large and in charge around 30 lbs. i don't feel like my belly is getting bigger. and everyone is like, "you look much smaller this time." and while much smaller might be a little bit generous, here's my professional explanation: 1. i started a few lbs. lighter than i did with isaac henry. 2. i am not swollen like a humongous water balloon this time. ptl.

doctor news: everything is looking good. i get "checked" at my next appointment and the strep b test. nothing like getting swabbed.. down there. the only thing that the doctor said that was new was, "that's a good sized kid." yep. and that's not so new after all.

food: still with the eggs. i'm pretty sure i might birth a little chicken. or something that makes more sense than that.

sleep: nope.

can you believe that grant could really be born in 2 weeks?? i mean, it'll probably be like 7 or something, but it could be 2.

i want a nap. and a candy bar.

i leave you with this gift..

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  1. The crotch pain. Oh my word. It's paralyzing. Turns out, for me, it's round ligament pain. My chiropractor smashed on it today and (lo and behold!!!) I can walk again without shooting pains! Praise the Lord! I asked if there's anything I can do at home to help it. Nope! :(
    All this to say, I feel your crotch pain...in the most real, but least creepy way possible.


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