Tuesday, September 17, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 33.

34 weeks pregnant y'all!

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symptoms: large and in charge. crotch pain. can i say that on the internet? at least i haven't talked about my areolas this time around.. yet. still with the heartburn. i'm taking tums on the daily.

weight gain: 30 lbs. or so.

movement: is hurting. when he moves it feels like cramps. i don't remember this with isaac henry, so i'm now afraid that grant is super big and i'm just praying that my belly will stretch a little more to compensate for this huge child in my womb.

eating: eggs. i just can't quit. i'm the most boring cook these days, because i just want eggs. ha! also, i heard that lindor truffles are good for the baby's brain development so i've been eating those too. and i just made that up. don't listen to me.

pondering: it's official, i'm nervous about having this kid. it may have something to do with the aforementioned "i think my kid might be jumbo" thing. i'm just scared of having a c-section really. i don't want that. also, yesterday when isaac woke up from his nap he wanted to lay on the couch with me and watch a movie. and i'm just not gonna be able to do that for much longer. pretty much what isaac wants to do, we do. all day, every day. and that's gonna change. it'll be a good change, but i'm gonna miss this time.

looking forward to: meeting my littlest man. i feel like he's gonna be here in no time. every weekend until his expected arrival we've got something on the calendar, so i know these next 6 weeks or so are just gonna fly! 


  1. It won't be as bad as you think because babe will sleep a lot remember! Plus you will make special time for IH!

  2. Go us!
    Yeah, 34 weeks!!

    Things I've done to get ready for the baby:

    Yeah...I should probably get on that.


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