Wednesday, September 4, 2013

over the weekend.

yep, here it is wednesday and i'm just getting around to talking about the weekend. turns out that it's hard to get back in the groove after having four days off. that and the fact that i just plain ole didn't want to upload pictures yesterday. 

really we just worked on to do list stuff all weekend and sprinkled in a little fun here and there. like lunch with my folks, playing with isaac henry, watching toy story, eating ice cream. you know, the standard fun stuff.

but look at all the regular, not-so-fun stuff we accomplished..

bryant braved the sauna that is the attic and got down the fall schtuff. so i put out the mantle decor.

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that stupid bunting has fallen down about 1,000 times. which is equally ironic and annoying.

the next thing was a major undertaking in which bryant exerted all of his manliness. our front flower bed has been driving me crazy this summer. it was just ugly. so i had bryant rip out about 7 bushes and replace them with some better, more subtle bushes and some more monkey grass. and we planted a few mums because mine were on their last leg.

i know it doesn't look that impressive, but trust me. if you'd seen it at all this summer, you would be so impressed right now. you'd probably say something like, "wow! it doesn't look like your house is abandoned anymore!"

while we [bryant] were out there working, i was small talking with our neighbor and he was telling me how he had to rip his flower bed all out too because he hated what the builder put in there: boxwoods and monkey grass. funny, that's pretty much all i wanted to put in there. ha! just don't look over here neighbor. keep your eyes on your own flower bed.

the next big thing on the list was putting shelves up in the downstairs closet.

we had the big shelf across the top but i wanted some more storage for things that i don't want isaac to be able to play with all the time. like preschool-y activities, craft supplies, that sort of thing. again, my manly husband installed these. do you see a pattern here? it sounds like i just made him do lots of work this weekend.

anyway, i'm kind of jealous of myself over these shelves. it's one of those little things that just makes a world of difference.

and finally, here's isaac henry eating some eggs..

or not eating some eggs, depending on how you look at it. either way, he's cute and i'll leave it at that.

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  1. That actually sounds like a really awesome weekend. We had a long to-do list as well but then decided to spontaneously go out of town. It was really, really fun but now I'm feeling a little stressed about the list!


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