Friday, September 27, 2013


these last two weeks have been crammed pack full of fun stuff. busy, fun stuff. and in case you don't believe me, here's some pictures to prove it..

we went to food festival with our pals meghan and andy. a buncha restaurants in our town came out and gave samples of their food. it was a lot of fun. something different and we got to try lots of yummy food. we were all stuffed by the time we left. i'll definitely go back next year.
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i had to laugh because none of us really knew what to expect [except for a good time and great company, of course.] but when we got there meghan was like "so it's like a food festival." which was the only obvious thing about it. ha. love her.

we host youth at our house twice a month. we love them. and our little youth group is growing!

i love seeing all those folks in my floor and at my table. but i'll tell you what, i don't want 20 kids. that's a lot of supper to fix.

went for a walk with these cute boys..

isaac stopped to pick up every "WEAF! MY WEAF!" and then i came home and took my pants off because i was a sweaty mess. turns out it felt much more like fall while i was sitting in the rocker on the front porch..

this cheeseball..

because i'm all about sharing ideas.. here's one of the latest hits in our house. i write out all the letters and tell isaac which ones to erase. he loves this and it makes me feel like i'm raising a genius. win win.

also my big boy has taken to eating his meals on the bench instead of in his booster. because apparently he's grown. but not grown enough to eat alone.. all of his animals must be present [see pile of animals on table].

going to town on some corn on the cob..

painting. we tried a combo of this craft and this craft. he stamped for a little while but preferred the brush. artistic freedom is what i always say..

getting some fun mail ready to send..

pallet art. i'm at it again. i've been painting pallets out the wazoo for myself and to help a sweet couple raise money for adoption. i'll talk more about this later, but here's a little sneak peak..

hanging out with my boy. i'm trying to remember his time as an only is limited and i'm taking all the smooches i can!

unexpected playdates with friends are my fave. silly boys..

and that's about it. how can life be so simple and yet so crazy? i don't know, but i like it.

have a good weekend y'all. i'm sure we'll be up to something over here. i'll report back.

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