Friday, September 6, 2013


it's finally friday! and let me say that i am just ready for it y'all.

so over the last few weeks..

we harvested our big daddy sunflowers. it was a whole lot of trouble. i'd argue it's more trouble than it's worth. kinda like crab legs.

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we just enjoy the flower more than anything.

remember when i sewed through my finger and had to go the the ER?

here's the latest on the injured: i think i'm gonna make it. when they glued it back together, i was just thinking how hokey of a treatment. but that glue is no joke y'all. it was pretty much healed in a week. it still looks kinda funny and feels weird and my nail is still regenerating. but for the most part, the glue worked like magic. don't doubt the glue.

isaac henry cracks me up just laying down on the concrete. this time he was having some smarties and waiting on daddy to get home.

and speaking of daddy, he's the best. there's nothing sexier than your husband being a good daddy. it makes me wanna have about 10 more. babies, not husbands.

matching shirts for the boys to wear when they meet each other was the last baby-related project on my list before grant gets here..

i really like how it turned out, despite wanting to cuss the whole time i was sewing those little bro letters. they're just so little. i was having a hard time and man, was it frustrating! i persevered and we made it through with two cutesy shirts.

isaac henry likes hats..

what a cute butt.

just one of isaac henry's many antics.. like, immediately after he got up from his nap.

if i documented all of the toddler shenanigans in this house, i'm convinced the interwebs would run out of space.

we had a lazy day yesterday so i got lots of snuggle time.

love that kid.

100% boy.

and i love it. don't tell my future daughters, but i think i'd be totally ok with a house full of boys.

we had an impromptu playdate after running into some friends at story time on wednesday. i just love having friends who let us crash their house and eat their food at the last minute's notice. 

isaac had a blast. and took a 3 hour nap once we got home! he was wore plum out.

we're having friends over tonight for games and tacos. i always think of taco night as something white people do. and it cracks me up. but i love me some tacos, so olé!

that's a whole bunch of salsa.. and i also made this copycat chuy's dip. y'all. it's so good.

pin that sucker.

and have yourself a merry little weekend. over and out.

life rearranged


  1. #1 I love your writing style. Always makes me smile or laugh.
    #2 Your kid is so dang cute.
    #3 Great pics.

  2. The shirts turned out so, so cute! I can't wait to see your adorable boys in them!!


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