Monday, September 30, 2013

from over the weekend.

first of all, i wanna share this cute package i sent to my bestie anna for her birthday. mostly because i want you to think i'm a really good friend..

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just kidding about the being a good friend part [except for that it's true.. i am a great friend.] i really just wanted to share because i thought it was fun and who doesn't like fun?! stick a cake mix and some candles in a box. throw some confetti in there. BAM! instant fun package!

enough about that. here's what we did this weekend..

well bryant was off on friday, so we dilly dallied and did some projects. and bryant mowed and trimmed the yard for hopefully the last time this year. and then we went and got ice cream because i had a coupon and a gift card. free ice cream is where it's at.

then friday night we did our family night thing. which consists of homemade pizza and popcorn on the floor while watching a movie. we watched cars for the 15th time this week. someone is a little obsessed. this night is easily becoming my favorite thing ever. i just love spending time with my boys.

saturday was busy busy. first stop, we went to isaac henry's friend roman's 2nd birthday party. kids at birthday parties might be the cutest thing..

party. animals.

they had it at this huge indoor playground. it was equally fun and terrifying.

isaac henry came down this slide going at least 45 mph..

when he got to the bottom he just looked at me and said, "dat fun!" i LOVE him talking more. he also said giraffe this weekend, so that's neat.

also worth mentioning, within 5 minutes of being there, isaac had fallen and busted his lip. because of his unbridled bravery.. he's tough though and he was at it again within seconds. bryant may have joined him in there..

look at this dreamy kid..

happy birthday roman!

and from there we headed straight to a church picnic to celebrate sending our first missionaries off. our friends brandon and amanda are leaving this week for thailand. they'll be working with campus outreach for 7 years! it's bittersweet. i'm so excited about how God is going to use them to spread the gospel, but i'm gonna miss them so much!

we got home around 2:30 saturday but since we left the house so early saturday morning it felt like 4:30 by the time we got home! we were whooped. so we changed into comfy clothes and lounged for the rest of the day and had taco soup for dinner because it's fall. whoo! soup's on!

sunday was just standard sunday. church and mexican food. and here it is monday. busy week ahead. as always. but don't you worry, i'll be around these parts. i've got lots to talk about. 

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